Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Long Time No Write!!!!

Hi All,

Sorry for our absence, no we are not stuck in the train station or lost and Lizzie is in the next room, we have not lost her either! All of the other ladies arrived the other day and we have been busy with nostalgia ever since... it has been awesome. First, we bummed around Paris or as they say - 'Pareee' for a day and then off on a night train (otherwise known as our sardine can) to Germany, to a little town called Bogen where Liz vacationed as a child. We met the woman that owned a Bed and Breakfast where Liz and her Grandparents stayed. We also met the owner's father as well, who, it turned out, had played with Liz's Great Uncle as a child. Gerlinda, the owner, and her family have owned this establishment for 4 generations. She proceeded to spoil us rotten and her and Liz told many stories back and forth.

We hiked up to a little country church where miracles are known to happen - there we had a prayer pow wow, for Amy's health first and foremost, but many other things as well.

Next was Munich, Germany where Liz grew up until age 9. We went to her old neighborhood and walked down her old street while she told us stories of her childhood. Erika videotaped it all! When we got to her old apartment building we were surprised and pleased that the street level door opened with an easy turn and we then walked the hall to the back courtyard and heard more stories! We climbed the stairs to the 2nd floor (what we would count as the third froor in the US) and stood in the doorway.. We wanted Liz to knock on the door and see if anyone would answer and she didn't want to... but with some coaxing and Erika hitting the buzzer, a woman came to the door. Liz tried, with cracked voice and broken German to explain to the bewildered woman why there were 5 Americans on her doorstep. Once she did, the woman kindly let us in and Liz got to explore the rooms where she grew up as a child. It turned out the woman, Elfriede, helped take care of Liz's grandmother (who raised her while she lived in Germany) in her last years. We spent much time going from room to room and listening to story upon story --- that we could not understand because it was in German!

Thankfully Erika and Jen videotaped it all and we hope to have Liz translate at a later date. Both the Bogen and Munich experiences were God blessings with the absolute favor of God on how things worked out. Elfriede told us later that she thought we were Jehovah's Witnesses and contemplated not answering her door!Yesterday we rented bicycles and roamed the lakeside and countryside and ended up in a thunderstorm -- it was great fun - We got drenched while Miss Liz shopped! Always an adventure!!!!Today we went to the top of Germany by train and cable car and got to do a little more rock climbing with Liz's not so enthusiastic blessings!!! We are now awaiting yet another night train, this time we will land in the morning in Florence, Italy for the final leg of our trip.Amy and I realized yesterday that we have been traveling now for one month and one day. Not sure about Amy since her whole family is here, but I am getting a little homesick! But I am still having the time of my life and not ready for this to be over!!!

Love you all, sure hope to get back to you sooner next time!
Sherri and Amy

Sorry - no pictures today - this internet cafe doesn't give us access.


Anonymous said...

Hi gals. Thanks for the update. I am so glad that your adventures are heartwarming and full of life. What a wonderful time you must be having!! WE miss you and continue to pray for a safe and exciting time. I hope Italy is kinder to your visit this next time. Much love. Rosie

Anonymous said...

Hello Amy… I am glad to see you are having such an exciting trip. You have done so many awesome activities I can’t believe it. I wish you continued safe travels and hope you make so many more memories. Andy Bajuszik

Anonymous said...

You've had more computer access than I have lately. We're in Texas with Momma and Daddy. Momma is reading over my shoulder as I type....she wants you to turn your adventures into a book and she will enjoy sitting and reading it to Daddy. Daddy says 'Hello, Sherri!" We will all require more 'stories' upon your return. Thanks for the posts, the pictures, and for allowing us to share in your adventures. We love y'all!
Cindy H

Anonymous said...

We have been waiting breathless-- well almost --for your next post. The nostalgia with the kids in attendance must have thrilled Liz. Can you imagine the odds of finding some friendly associations after all those years. I can't wait to find out if you got a bottle of wine in Germany, Italy, France in honor of Pam. She'd just like to be along, except for the mountain-climbing. Has Jenn had ant trouble with her broken foot or sensitive tooth? Enjoy the Italian Riviera.
Dr. Deaton the history prof said that

Anonymous said...

I CANNOT wait to hear all your stories from this trip! It is hard to believe that you guys have been gone over a month, but I am so glad that you were able to! Looking forward to seeing you! I have three weeks off in Sept., so I think it is roadtrip time!

Love ya,