Monday, November 30, 2009


Tonight a friend pointed me to an awesome webpage. My last post (quite some time ago, I know...) was all about how God speaks through the stars to communicate His love for me (us) and to let me (us) know how precious I am (we are) to Him; so much so that He would focus not only on the major life events and the big picture, but He also communicates in the most minute details. He is communicating in these details, but we must look for it, or we will miss it. And we must be open to receive it.

The website that had me fascinated tonight is It contains the most intriguing astronomical evidence of the star - actually the entire array of celestial signs - that signified the birth of the Messiah to the wise men a couple thousand years ago. As I poured over the history, details and symbolism presented on the website, it struck me again the incredible attention that God gives to every single detail...nothing - absolutely NOTHING - goes beyond His notice and care. As the website states, the "Star finally means that from the very instant at which God flung the universe into existence, he also knew the moment he would enter human history in the person of Jesus of Nazareth. He marked it in the stars. And from before the beginning of time as we experience it, God knew the very moment when Messiah would breath his last on the cross."

This is nothing that I haven't heard before. But when I really stop to contemplate it, it inspires awe - and praise - in me.

God not only knew the exact moments of the birth and death of the Messiah at the very commencement of all creation, but He also knew every detail of EVERYTHING for all eternity. At that moment, every single thing about all things became known.

AMAZING :: our God is more than amazing, but really there is no word - or collection of words - that adequately or even remotely begin to describe Him.

I just wanted to share that praise with you tonight! I hope that you are as inspired to praise our God and our Messiah as I am...