Monday, August 3, 2009

Anecdotes from Abroad

Hi! Here we are in Reims, France. Two days ago we successfully arrived on the train in Reims, which is where we had been hoping to land. Fortunately, all the train connections from Switzerland worked out just fine, and once we arrived, a nice French gentleman in the train station who spoke only a little English pointed us in the direction of some hotels - or as he said, "few many hotels". We found a comfortable room with no problem on a very pleasant pedestrian street with lots of fun cafes and restaurants. Yesterday, we did some sightseeing around here and today it is off to Paris.

We wanted to share with you some of the interesting lessons that we have learned while traveling in Europe...some of the things not mentioned in the travel guide books!

1. Computer keyboards in each country are different...the letters and symbols are in all different places and typing is not easy! Hunting and pecking is required!
2. In the hotels there are no wash cloths or shower curtains in any of the showers!
3. Every shower is a hand held shower!
4. If you get a room with twin beds, they are right next to one another and there is no such thing as a room with two double beds!
5. Most hotel rooms must be locked with a key from the inside (they don't believe in building codes) and skeleton keys are typical!
6. French dressing is actually ranch dressing - everywhere but in France, where dressing is a mix of mayo, mustard, oil and vinegar!
7. Bacon bits are real bacon, still steaming from the grill!
8. People are nice in France, but not in Italy, at least not in Varenna, which is exactly the opposite of what we heard!
9. But nowhere in Europe do people move out of your way on the sidewalk. (Sherri wants to test this, but doesn't want to lose a shoulder!)
10. EVERYTHING closes for 3 hours each afternoon!
11. All music in restaurants and shops is American, from oldies to rap to country, but all American!
12. Nearly every restaurant has an outdoor patio, which is very pleasant!
13. When you are finished with your meal at a restaurant, you nearly have to beg the waiter for the check!
14. Tipping at restaurants is not a common thing.
15. In the culture here in Europe, every day begins and ends VERY late! Dinner is often beginning around 9pm!

So, these are the things we know! Not much to be sure, but should give you a good chuckle nonetheless!

Looking forward to meeting up with Mom Lizzie, Erika and Jennifer tomorrow to explore Germany and Italy!

Talk to you soon! All our love, Amy and Sherri

ps Sorry, no pics today. We forgot the card reader - oops!


Gabrielle Redmond said...

You two are absolutely amazing!! What a crazy adventure you're on... the best is yet to come :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE you guys!! :)

Number 9 actually made me laugh outloud! It annoyed the heck out of my cat... but brought great joy to my heart to read about you crazy Americans!!

Thanks again for sharing with us "jealous folk" at home who are wishing we were there with you!

P.S. days that start late... and dinners at 9pm... I was always under the impression that was only in Heaven!! I'm getting a real estate book tomorrow morning... Joe and I are moving to Europe asap!! (byw... it's 3:39am as I'm typing this. My day isn't finished yet.) Paireee... Wee.... Wee..... here we come! :) (I wish!)

Love and Prayers,

Rita West said...

Wow!! what awesome pictures. You girls are really experiencing a trip of a life time. God said He would do exceedingly, abundantly more than we ask or think. I am sure that is what you are experiencing, "LIVING LIFE ENTHUALASTICALLY" You truly deserve it Thanks for taking the time to share. Continued prayer. Love Rita West

Wayne said...

where are you guys at? have we been left off at the last train station? or are we lost in the know its almost friday
now that the whole gang has arrived you fogot us. what have you done with lizzy?
just kidding i know you are to busy having fun.

samndave2r1 said...

Indianda Jones has nothing on the two of you!!
What day will you climb Everest???
Miss you guys! Abundant Blessings and continued adventures!! Dave Weber