Who Needs Hair?

A fun photo timeline through treatments...

What a way to spend the 4th of July,
having chest tubes removed!
July 2007

This is the only wig I'll ever wear!
August 2007

Did I mention that "pink is my signature color"?
August 2007

I always thought it would be cool to have the GI Jane look!
Here's my chance.  My first buzz-cut...why not make it a party!
October 2007

A little bit of chemo isn't going to keep
me from making snowmen with my sister!
December 2007

A goofy grin...and look, my hair is growing back...
I even have eyebrows again!
My 29th Birthday
February 2008

...and I'm bald again!
April 2008

See all the fun things you can do when you
don't have to worry about fixing your hair!
June 2008

Hanging out in the hospital doing a little apheresis stem cell
collection in preparation for my Auto Stem Cell Transplant...
July 2008

So happy to be out of the hospital!
You can see my apheresis catheter poking out of my chest...
August 2008

Look at all that hair...I look like a mini-me of my mom!
December 2008

'X' marks the spot!  My radiation mask was a little
claustrophobic, and made me look a bit Pinnochio-ish!
February 2009

Happy 30th Birthday to me!
February 2009

So skinny from the Macrobiotic diet, but oh so happy too!
And look, my hair is coming in curly!
April 2009
Nothing like a travel adventure to heal the spirit...
and apparently the body too!  (But really, it was all God!)
Backpacking through Europe
July / August 2009

Mom and me ringing in the new year,
and looking quite healthy I might add.
January 2010

Only days after my lung biopsy,
I celebrated my 31st birthday.
February 2010

Camping is fun!  Balloons are fun too!
June 2010

Giddy up horsey!  Gotta play now, because tomorrow
I go to the hospital for an Allogenic Stem Cell Transplant.
July 2010

Bye bye hair.  GI Jane, here I come again!
July 2010

Check out that tan line!  Sexy!
July 2010

Moon face.  Gotta love Prednisone!
But hey, I'm cancer-free now!
October 2010

Still have that moon face, and still cancer-free and smiling!
December 2010
With my wonderful oncologist on Valentine's Day...
my face got really round again from an increase in my
prednisone dosage to combat some GVHD.
February 2011
My nurse Linda loved the pink wig...what a hit!
She called it "pure sex"!  I call it FUN!
February 2011
The Stem Cell Clinic staff and nurses with my mom and me.
February 2011

My 32nd Birthday...my 4th bday since being diagnosed...
and my 1st since being cancer-free!
February 2011

Ahh, it is certainly the least attractive look I've ever sported,
but it just so happens to be my face right now after two
months on high-dose steroids to treat some chronic GVHD.
June 2011