About Me

Hi there!  I'm Amy, a 32 year old gal and architect from a small town in Western Pennsylvania, who loves life and looks for adventure in everything!  I'm all about living life to the fullest...seeing the bright spot in all things, even a diagnosis of Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  My world is shaped by my relationship with Christ, and I try to see the beauty and blessing in everything in this little world of mine.

I've been blessed abundantly in many, many ways, in fact too many to recount.  My life is overflowing with blessing and favor.  Sometimes it is a bit of a wild ride, not knowing what is around the next bend, but that just adds to the excitement of life.  And the excitement is this:  what is around the bend could be the most thrilling experience of your life!  You just never know! 

Take, for example, this little blog which began as a travel[b]log when I embarked on the adventure of a lifetime, a 6 week / 6 country backpacking tour through Europe in July 2009.  That trip (read Learning to Leap) was an incredibly unexpected high on the heels of a staggering low.  And life is full of them.  I could view a Hodgkin's diagnosis with fear and dread, but when I heard the news I had peace in my heart.  God had prepared me for it, and He gave me eyes to see it as an adventure and a new mission.  And, while it has altered my life and my lifestyle over the last four years, I believe it has been for the better.  It has enriched my relationships, my love for others and for life, and my sense of purpose.  Although I may not know what my purpose is, I know I have one, for I am alive!

As for this blog, it has since evolved from a travel[b]log into a place for me to just express myself and all of the little things that bring me joy or simply spill out of my head.  It is a clearinghouse of a bunch of random thoughts on life, faith, travel, photography, design, crafts, and some Hodgkin's info too.

Thanks for visiting me!  Have a beautiful day!