Monday, July 13, 2009


So..... I am so sorry for you all who are working right now! We look out and see the bluest of blue skies bumped against the bluest of blue water!! We keep looking at each other and saying - are we really here! Or are we just dreaming - if we are, don't pinch me!!!!

Yesterday we took a hydrofoil here (Santorini!) - really big - really fast boat! Then we took the public busses the rest of the way! That was interesting as they had so many people on the bus we had to stand in the aisle and the aisle was so full you couldn't fall over even if you tried - you won't see that in the states!!!!

Our "hotel" that is really a hostel is one very white room with one window and one picture on the wall and two twin beds!!! It is small and nothing to write home about but it is clean and comfy and... cheap!!! And it has a fridge, and AC - you can't beat that for about $30!!! Our landlord came in last night about 11pm and scared the beegeebies out of Amy after we had been asleep for over an hour- I had my ear plugs in!!!! He came to fix our toilet and we guess he assumed we would be out partying like the rest of the tourists here!!! Guess we are not that exciting! :-)

Today we had double adventures!! First - we went scuba diving off of the coast here!!! Beautiful and something Amy had not done before! We got to hold sea urchins and hermit crabs and we petted some sort of coral that felt like silicone - it was strange!!! We saw fishes and coral in very CLEAR blue water!!!

Now, Mom, hold on for this next one! Well, maybe you better sit down!!! We have rented a motor bike!!!! It feels like it goes really fast although we can't tell because the speedometer is broken!!!! I am getting better at right turns but they are little rugged!!!! Pastor Carol - you would be so proud - but no, I haven't taken the safety course!!!! Our instructions were as follows - bring it back without any damage - here is the gas, here is the brake - go for it! When we finish here we are going to take a drive through the southern part of the island and see some coastal villages and a lighthouse and some churches! There is a town called Megalochori that is known for its georgeous sunsets - we plan to see one tonight!

Tomorrow we will ride the motobike up the coast to the main town of Fira in the center of the island that is famous for its white buildings that jut out of the rocks and silhouette against the bluest sky you have ever seen! It is what you see in the post cards! Then to Oia, which is "THE" spot to see sunsets and yes Jen, we plan to take a dip in the swimming hole! We will leave here on Wednesday to go to a different island not yet determined.
We are having the time of our lives and it has only been a few days! God is very good to us! We've even gotten some good deals and seen the favor of God as usual!
Love you all!!! :-) Sherri and Amy


Anonymous said...

AWESOME!! I so wish I were there with you! I can't believe you've already gone scuba diving and done so much. Don't forget to also just sit in one place and enjoy the view. Just breathe in the beauty. I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!

If you are into wine-tasting, in the middle of the island, high at the top, is a winery I think called Santos Wines. It is an amazing view from their patio, sipping wine. Love, Jennifer Christine Deaton

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! You guys dive right in!!! Literally!!! What great pictures!! I keep changing my desk top with them. The motorbike also looks like a lot of fun. I know you’re both being careful – right? And the Lord is watching over you, so I won’t worry. Actually, I would like to do that in Italy. Enjoy the sunsets – how about the sunrises- are you up for them?
Love you both,

Wayne said...

cool motorbike looks like alot of fun. wayne wants to know if its a harley, better watch out mark will want to race. will sign you up for victory riders. you girls are so adventureous. hows there driving? scuba pictures are great you wild things. i am so excited i cant wait for the next adventure of amy and sherri. miss you much.blessings

Wayne said...

ps:it was sure good to see you both!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Sherri and Amy! What a trip of a lifetime! I am so excited that you guys got to go SCUBA diving! What an incredible experience into a world of its own. And Sherri, I just loved the photo of you two riding the scooter! Love you guys and know that you are in my thoughts in prayers as you are travelling!