Saturday, July 18, 2009

Have Map - Have Moto - Will explore!!!!

Hi All,

Wow, so much to say!!!!!

Where do we start?!?!?! Well, we landed in Milos on Thursday night at 8pm with no place to stay - no worries, God had us all covered. In two phone calls we had the cutest little room! They were a really nice couple who came and picked us up at the bus station - they spoke no English but we managed ok!! The next day they took us to rent a moto bike and off we went!! We chose our destinations by the post cards we saw in a local shop when we got off the ferry!! First to Pollonia, a small fishing village where we had lunch on the coast at this quaint little restaurant not 4 feet from the water - ahhhhhhhh!!! Then off to Papafragas - talk about amazing. We hiked down this precarious stairway built into the rock and there at the bottom is an inlet of water with a white sand beach and a cliff on each side - the width was probably 30 feet! We of course couldn't just splash on the edge - we swam all the way out into the open water and around the adjacent cliffs just to see what we could see!!! We also explored an undiscovered cove and swam through a hole in the cliff about 10 ft high 6 ft wide and 25 ft in distance! It was so cool! It landed in another part of the ocean where we looked around a bit, swallowed some waves and swam back! The water was crystal clear and you could see the rocks on the bottom so clearly you would think you could touch but you couldn't. We hiked to this other area where there were no people, only rocks and water and lo and behold, there in the middle of nowhere there were two beautiful, very comfy beach chairs sitting on a rock surrounded by water - they had no earthly business being there. So, of course, we couldn't resist. Jennifer, you would be so proud, we sat still and enjoyed the view - for AWHILE!!!

Then it was off to Sarakiniko - it is like being transported to the moon. It is white volcanic rock - can you even imagine! You could see the swirls in the surface from the flow of the lava. It was surreal - the pictures don't do it justice! Then we explored some caves, which Amy loves, but is not my favorite - never know what might be hiding in the darkness!!! We had chicken gyros for dinner for only 2 euros!!! Mind you, we have been here for over a week - and lamb gyros do not exist - at least we couldn't find any!

Today we are hopping another ferry to Athens - we get in late and it should be an adventure to find our hostel, although - at least we have one booked! We spend one day in Athens and then off to Barcelona. I want to see a bull fight! From there - we haven't a clue - we are adventurers, after all!

Questions to answer - yes, Peggy, we see the big dipper every night! Which is faster the motobike or the high speed ferry - with me(Sherri) driving, definitely the motobike - just ask Amy about nearly flying off the back!!!! Thank God for the handle - and no I was not trying to lose her! Oh, Pam, I forgot to tell you I tried a local Santorini wine in your honor - you would have liked it! Mom, Amy says we pull "Grand Canyon's" every day, but there is no one to notice we are gone! Sorry about disappearing from the internet - we didn't have time or access. Peggy, in reference to Greek driving - think Wayne!!!!! And see the next post...we'll try to upload some video from the scooter!

Love you all and believe it or not - we do miss you! :-)
All our hearts - Sherri and Amy

PS Uploading pics takes FOREVER!


Anonymous said...

AWWWWWESOME PICS!! Thanks so much for posting! Wow! Gorgeous! And the landscape too! (wink)
I was surprised by the gyros as well - lamb gyros AREN'T as common and they put FRENCH FRIES on the gyros! oh man, that sounds so good right now, with some tzadziki! yum. Can't wait to join you adventurers. I love how you showed up with no accomodations and then they materialized. Are you as wonderfully laid back about details as you seem? Traveling mercies and delights! Jennifer Christine Deaton

Anonymous said...

Hey ladies! Think about you every day. what adventures are u having right now? i'm so proud of you, amy, just taking life by reigns and living in each moment. can't wait to meet up with you guys soon. i have now officially put the greek isles on the top of my places to go. what amazing pix! enjoy the freedom of 'pulling a grand canyon' whenever u want - mom will survive! love love love love, erika

Anonymous said...

Wow Amy, your pictures are absolutely breathtaking! I am very proud of you and very glad that you are having such a wonderful, carefree adventure, you really deserve it! I pray that your excursions continue to be a delight, and I can't wait for more beautiful updates.

Much love,

Danielle :)

Anonymous said...

Sherri and Amy, oh my goodness!!! I love these pictures!! I pray you continue to feel and see His blessings with every move and step you take. This is truly an opportunity of a life time and what an adventure!!!
Sarah S.

Mandy said...

so jealous!!!! love you girls!!! always thinking what you guys are doing each
God is good!

Anonymous said...

What an incredible adventure the THREE of you are having! Lounge chairs in the middle of no where?! Now that's amazing. Love you guys... and I'll continue to pray against my jeoulousy. lol Thanks for keeping us posted. We love you both. Brenda & Joe

Anonymous said...

Ken and I look at your beautiful pictures and just keep saying "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!" So beautful! You made the right choice, nothing like this in China!

We continue to think about you, miss you and pray for you as you enjoy this great adventure!

Shang Di gen nimen cun zai! God is with you!
Love, Ken and Pat

Anonymous said...

Just started following your adventure today...Tuesday, July 21st. The pictures are great! You are both looking "mahvelous" and, one can tell, you are having a great time! The Lord is happy that you are able to take this wonderful trip (many trips).
Much love from Kathleen (& Paul too!)

Wayne said...

i have been trying to get this comment done since july18 keep getting interrupted. okay
good motto: map moto explore
sounds like you are loving life enthusiasticly
i like how you choose your destination by post cards. that is a great idea. isnt it just like God to provide you with 2 lounge chairs and unoccupied. glad you got to sit and soak in his glory(and the sun)enjoying his creation.
sherri i thought of pastor chris dumping isaiah in the middle of the intersection. amy hang on tight.
i liked the interpretation of greek driving-wayne.
i think about you every day several times wondering what your up to now! missyou much